Shutters give your home a unique look and feel, reminiscent of the tropics and open, flowing spaces. Shutters are very flexible both in design and function. They are available in wood, plastic, and composite materials, and can be fit into almost any shape space. As an added bonus, shutters can control light with fixed or movable louvers as well as by swinging open to allow full light.

Graber Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are very durable and offer a very distinct look. They can also be built to fit almost any geometry, making them ideal for custom openings.

Hybrid Shutters

Hybrid shutters offer synthetic materials with a wood-like look and feel that offer durability at a more affordable cost. They also offer a much higher insulating effect that their wood counterparts.

Shutter Configurations

Shutters can be configured in many ways. These include Cafe Panels (half-size), hinged panels, and bypass track, to mention a few.

Hinged Panel

Bi-fold Track

Bypass Track

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