B&D Install and Custom Blinds is a division of B&D Install, Inc. We have been serving Tucson since 1999. We started out as a subcontractor providing installation and service for retailers, designers, and box stores. We intentionally stayed out of retail, so we did not compete with the dealers that we were working for. We let them do the sales, and would take care of their clients for them.

Not selling any actual product, but only service, we had to be the best out there! If we did not have great service, we had nothing to sell. Because of this we became very good at the service end of the business.

Before the market crash in 2008, we had 5 vehicles on the road, and 16 employees, just installing and servicing other dealers customers. After the market crash, we, like many other companies had to downsize. This trend was continuing for too long. We were seeing wonderful companies that we had worked with for years closing their doors, we did not want to be next on the list of businesses closing their doors.

People had been coming to us for years to have their blinds repaired, and loved the service that we provided. In 2010 we decided to expand our business to include sales of window coverings as well as offering the services that we have provided for years. In 2013 we expanded our location to include a showroom! Ever since then B&D Install has been back to growing into a bigger and better business than it has ever been. We are now a "One Stop Blind Shop!" We sell, install, and repair all types of window coverings for your home or business!

You may also find us listed as B&D Install & Blind Repair. This is another division of B&D Install, so we still enjoy working with other dealers, and designers in town to help them with their repair and install needs.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out! We hope to hear from you soon.

Brian & Deanna Lescarbeau

B and D Install and Custom Blinds

We also offer Installation and Repair Service

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